Kilborn is a story of one man's spiral to madness and how it flows into the lives of the small cotton-farming community of Jerrod, TX. 


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Espinoza continues the story of the impact of Drake Kilborn's death on the people of Jerrod. It follows  Texas Ranger Freddy Espinoza, who's looking into the the mysterious behavior of the Holden County Sheriff.  


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"In Hughes’ quiet debut thriller, one of the townspeople in a small Texas community is becoming increasingly unhinged and, therefore, potentially dangerous.


"An absorbing slow-burn approach and simpatico characters make this a standout novel."

Kirkus Reviews, 2019


"The author eschews the typical propulsive pace of a crime novel in favor of a more meaasured, almost literrary speed. This works to the benefit of the characters, who emerge from the page fully formed and breathing."

Kirkus Reviews, 2019

I'm about halfway through McTague, number three in the "Jerrod Series." This book follows the day-to-day lives of custom wheat cutters who began the summer harvest in the Texas Panhandle and are working their way toward Nebraska. It's not just about the grittiness of the twelve hour days, it's the story of the high school boys off on an adventure and the challenges faced by the owners of the equipment they operate. As the book nears completion, I'll be e-mailing vignettes of the daily grind and how the back-breaking work changes their view of the world and  their futures.

This is the fictional Jerrod Citizen, the small town weekly mentioned in both books and yours for the asking. It gives the reader an unusual perspective on both books' characters through the eyes of the editor, Jack Ayres. His observations of the daily life of Jerrod are yours for the asking. Fill in the form (first and last name optional) and it's on the way.


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