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Wayne Hughes

In retirement after a fifty-year career as a radio, TV and print journalist, and petroleum industry lobbyist, I turn to my first love: fiction writing. The books in the Jerrod Series reflect my memories of small-town life, where if you're lucky, everyone knows and cares about you. And if you're not lucky, everyone knows and cares about you.



The weekly Jerrod Citizen is a backstory exercise created while writing Kilborn. As I developed the second and third books in the series, it became a necessary counterpoint, a way to chronicle the day-to-day lives of some people the reader of the book will never know. The Citizen is "published" occasionally.

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Kilborn is a story of small-town feuds, one man's slide into insanity and how it flows into the lives of the small cotton-farming community of Jerrod, TX. The climax comes with a dramatic car wreck and the antagonist's fatal encounter with wild hogs. 


There's a sample page from this book on the Jerrod Series page. 

The audio version of the bookis on Click the arrow for a sample.

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 "An absorbing slow-burn approach and simpatico characters make this a standout novel."
                                                                                                                                             Kirkus Reviews

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Espinoza continues the story of the impact of Drake Kilborn's death on the people of Jerrod. It follows Texas Ranger Freddy Espinoza, who's looking into small-town feuds and the mysterious behavior of the Holden County Sheriff. And there's this poltergeist . . . 


There's a sample page from this book on the Jerrod Series page.

The audio version of the book is on  Click the arrow for a sample.

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"The author eschews the typical propulsive pace of a crime novel in favor of a more measured, almost literary speed."                                                                                                                     Kirkus Reviews

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McTague, the third in the Jerrod Series, is the story of a family harvesting wheat for farmers in three states. Scotty McTague must decide what's right for the business and best for his family. A dramatic encounter with a snake tips the balance.


There's a sample page from this book on the Jerrod Series page. 

The audio version will be available November, 2023.

"Readers looking for a well-told story with flawed, intriguing characters should enjoy McTague."                                                                                                                                                               Blueink

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Visit The Cardwell Ranch Stories, family-friendly books about life on a Texas Panhandle Ranch written and illustrated by Linda Dee Hughes. 

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